Making the Most of the KW Network

Julie has been helping us buy and sell our homes over the past twelve years as we climb the ladder of real estate.  We started off in a modest house in downtown Beverly, then moved over the a family-friendly neighborhood in Beverly Cove.  A few years later, when we needed more space and land to accommodate inlaws, she helped us sell our house AND my inlaws house and buy a much larger house in Hamilton.  When the opportunity came along to buy our million dollar dream house in Manchester, time was of the essence, and Julie knew exactly what we needed to do to make it happen.  Within weeks, we had a buyer for our Hamilton house, and our offer for our Manchester estate was accepted over another buyer.  Julie really was making our dream come true.  And, three years later, she did it for us again. For as much as we love our house in Manchester, the New England winters were getting too much for us, so Julie helped us find a dream home in Jupiter, FL.  She acted as consultant, working with her KW colleagues in FL, helping us weed through all the homes that were presented to us, guiding us through the offer process, and reviewing all documents.  Within a few months, we became the proud owners of another million dollar home in Jupiter, FL, and we now use our Manchester home as our summer residence. 

— Jennifer & Chris Benoit